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By Tom Gauger Have you ever wondered what exactly artist development is, what it’s not and why acts need it?  With all of the artist press kits, new artist showcases and cd,s that I’ve either attended, listened to, or was asked to evaluate, I can tell you that not many young artists understand what artist development is.  You would think with the age of the internet and instant access to vital information for artists to chew on and utilize, that there would be a better understanding out there, but there really isn’t.  It’s unfortunate that most really don’t know the ins and outs, to even get their foot in the door, but let’s face it, not everyone’s a go getter or even minimally motivated for that matter.  So what does it take to get your music listened to and then further looked at for a possible management deal or record contract?  In this short article, I will attempt to look at a few concepts that should give you some insight and serve to move you in the right direction. The first concept is fairly easy to grasp, but few do so.  And that is, don’t follow the road most traveled.  Most who make it in the business certainly have their story to tell, but each individual will more than likely give you a completely different background to their attainment of success.  If you travel with the crowd where you have to communicate with a certain “vibe” or role that you must uphold, then you’re in the wrong crowd following the wrong definition of what will get you to your artist deal.  If you look at multiple individuals who have made it in their perspective careers you will hear stories that don’t sound anything like the crowd you might be running with.  Think about that the next time you are reading some biography of some famous individual and see if that idea doesn’t hold true. Your role in the artist development showdown is going to have to be one of being prepared.  You know how many artist press kits, bios, and cd,s that I have sorted through and wondered and still do, if people are just not putting any effort into it or are they just clueless or just plain some of both?  In order to gain access to the heavyweights in the music business, you will have to have a genuine look of already obtained success.  This comes from demos that are “knock your socks off” good, from press kits that really create an image, and a marketing approach that says “We have arrived.”  How do you do all of that?  Well at we always make it our priority to make sure that any press kit or master quality song demo is top notch – no excuses, just top notch.  We do that by simply using the best and so should you. If you want to gain attention from music business insiders, than you will have to look like you have already arrived.  If you are genuinely trying to put your best foot forward in regards to your press kit or song demos, don’t hesitate to contact us at for any questions.  We will be glad to look at what you are doing and see how you can get there.  So while on the surface it might look like that artist development is a company taking a potential artist and working with them throughout the artist development process, it’s really you taking control of your career by implementing key artist development processes and connecting the dots on the front end.  Who else do you think is going to do this – some magical and powerful music exec who knows nothing about you is just all of a sudden going to notice that you haven’t really been doing a darn thing about your career, but he or she is just going to say the word and bam you’re a star?  Let’s get real.  You are the key to artist development from the start and throughout.  Nobody knows your style, your look, your comfort levels with certain styles of music, stage image than you.  Anybody can be an expert in this field, but nobody knows you like you – So get involved in your own artist development. Start by taking inventory of who you are as a person, what you like and don’t like.  Does your image on stage measure up and convey who you are or is it a fake front where many can see through the forced imaging?  I don’t know I’m just asking questions.  What does your music and image look like together.  Are they a match or do you need to fine tune a few areas.  Is your press kit conveying who you are?  Is your press kit professional?  You can’t afford to let two areas of your artist career take second place and that is your artist demo and press kit.  To be honest, it’s been our experience at, that most don’t really know how to put together an artist press kit.  Most artists try to emulate and recycle what’s already out there.  Artist press kits are really marketing tools and just like there are marketing experts within any given company, you really should go to the experts and take your time on this piece of artist development.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at should you have any questions on artist press kits or anything else for that matter.  We just want to see you succeed.  In closing, and I know that this is a difficult area for many young artists, but look at your strengths and weaknesses, devise a plan, make the needed corrections, call us if you need to with any questions, and fine tune and implement the needed changes to secure the attention that you will need from music business insiders.
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