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Learn How to Play Any Piano Chord in 3 Hours (or less)!TM

Ever wonder how it would feel like to actually play the piano and learn chord structure?  We’ll show you how in 3 hours or less.  We’re so sure that we’ll have you playing any chord in 3 hours or less, that will give you the next workshop for free, in the unlikely event that you don’t - now how can you beat that!  Learning piano chords is not as complicated as it sounds and whether you’re a musician or you’ve never touched a piano in your life, we’ll show you how.  Sure, music is artistry, but it’s also simple math. Our workshops include having one keyboard per student, so you can actually see and hear what you are learning and playing.  There’s no better way to learn how to play piano chords and learn how to play from a song book.  Tom Gauger’s system, Learn How to Play Any Piano Chord in 3 Hours (or Less)!TM makes learning piano chords and music fun!   Our workshops are designed for virtually anyone who wants to learn how to play piano, but more along the lines of a guitar player, who plays songs, based on chord structure - except you’ll have the advantage.  Whereas the average guitar player knows a handful of chords, you’ll be able to look at any piano chord chart and figure out not only which chords they are, but how to play them. We work with kids to adults and hold regular workshops and have been growing to include workshops in different parts of the country.  If you’d like us to come to your town, please Contact Us and let us know that you’d like our Learn How to Play Any Piano Chord in Under 3 Hours (or less)!TM program and we’ll see if we can make that happen.  While you might not sound like Liberace at the get go, after the workshop, you will be able to read a piano chord chart, and actually figure out the chords and be able to play your favorite songs from a song book with chord notations.  As you practice the piano and develop your skills, you’ll begin to memorize the chords and begin to play like you never thought was remotely possible! These workshops are limited in capacity and are so affordable, that they sell out fast.   Make sure and reserve your seat today!  
Learn How to Play Any Piano Chord in 3 Hours (or Less)!
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